The new session to start with anti-corruption law

Anna-hazareThe Indian government is facing tremendous pressure from various anti-corruption campaigners to pass the landmark anti-corruption law. And also to set up the Jan Lokpal which will act a citizen’s ombudsman.

Even Prime minister Manmohan Singh has stated that he hopes the parliament will pass the ombudsman law.

Earlier this month, Anna Hazare has also threatened to resume his hunger strike at the end of the month-long winter session of parliament if it doesn’t pass the Jan Lokpal Bill.

He have already went on a 12-day hunger strike in August demanding the independent ombudsman to crack down on corruption which will be an independent body with the power to investigate politicians and civil servants suspected of corruption. A parliamentary panel examining an ombudsman’s law is expected to submit its report by the end of November.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal has commented that the government will have an “open mind and will give a serious thought” to the panel’s recommendation.

The  ruling Congress party and the main Opposition party Bharatiya Jana Party (BJP) have agreed in passing the law, some smaller regional parties have hugely opposed the idea of this  all-powerful ombudsman.

BJP has even decided to “boycott” federal Home Minister P Chidambaram for his alleged role in 2G scam which  has cost the country $39bn (£23bn).”We will neither listen to him, nor allow him to speak in parliament,” BJP leader SS Ahluwalia said.

There are also several financial malpractices linked to the Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games and accusations that homes for war widows were diverted to civil servants. Mr. Hazare’s campaign to widespread support throughout the country.

The opposition parties, recently, are also demanding for the creation of a new state of Telangana in Andhra Pradesh, and recent developments in India-Pakistan ties. And also other key bills which include providing protection for whistleblowers, guaranteeing cheap food for the majority of Indians and empowering people to complain against judges accused of corruption.

Reportedly, the government plans to bring 31 bills for passage during the new parliament session.

Report by Indrani Chowdury