Tata Motors moved Calcutta High Court on Tuesday night, challenging the legality of the Singur land return Act, an hour after the Hooghly administration pasted reacquisition notices on the main gate of the disputed Singur compound to take back land acquired for both Nano factory and the vendor park.

TATA moves to CourtAt 9 p, Samaraditya Patel, counsel for Tata Motors approached the Chief Justice J N Patel at his residence, its only in extreme cases depending upon the gravity of the cases the petitioner can approach the Chief Justice at his residence. Justice Patel assigned the matter to Justice Soumitra Pal, who will hear it today at 10:30 am. Tata Motors has notified the government that it is moving the petition and asked the government “not to disturb their possession in Singur”.

In a bid to pre-empt the move, Tata Motors pasted a notice on the gates just minutes before the administration arrived with its notification. The Tata Motors notice, signed by Dilip Sengupta, the firm’s advisor consultant, request that a lead time of at least five hours should be given before the start of any reacquisition process so that the company can shift its valuable equipment from the site. The company has also requested that any notice for re-acquisition is issued during the day to allow the officials to reach the site, as there is nobody in Singur to take a decision on the matter.

The State Government consulted Advocate General Anindya Mitra before issuing the gazette notification. The DM said the possession notice has been issued under subsection 123 of section 4 of the Act. He also stated “There are no legal problems. He has informed all the vendors about this decision. On Wednesday, the acquisition shall be supervised”.


Report by Alka