Govt Mulling over Right to Reject Option

right_to_rejectWith what might be seen as another major victory for team Anna, the Government is considering implementing the option of Right to reject in the coming polls. The Election Commission accepting the demand of team Anna has written to the Law Ministry asking to implement the option of Right to reject in future polls. The commission will ask law ministry to suitably amend poll rules and allow introduction of a button in the electronic voting machines that gives voters the option of none of the above. However there would be no need to amend the existing election laws in the country and a change could be made through a executive order. Under Sec 49 of the Conduct of Election Rules, 1961 does allow the voter to access the Right to reject option, but it violates his privacy as the voter needs to present in physical form in the pooling booth to do so. Converting this option into electronic form will ensure that the voter remains anonymous.

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