Lok Pal not to include Group C employees: Committees reversal of decision

lokpal-meetingLok Pal Committee makes Last minute reversal of its decision by excluding Group C government employees. Lok Pal Committee is back to the starting point yet again. They have refused to include Group C employees within the ambit of the Lok Pal. A day ago the Committee had recommended the inclusion of almost 70 per cent of the government employees under the Lok Pal but it has suddenly taken a U-turn and now does not advocate the inclusion of Group C employees but only the Group A and B employees which consist of only the top-most bureaucrats. It is significant to note that these Group C staffs constitute 60 per cent of the government employees. Without the inclusion of this section of government officials, the Lok Pal will remain as a meaningless and toothless weapon in the hands of the people. The Committee reversed its decision within 24 hours of its last recommendation to include the Group C staffs.

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