Civil disobedience in Greece finds a new reason to continue

Greece_civil_disobedienceGreece is again facing a fresh round of civil disobedience on part of the citizens as they feel infuriated on the engagement of the monitors of IMF and the EU into their national sovereignty. Although guaranteed by the Prime Minister, George Papandreou, to provide necessary breathing space, it has been looked upon with suspicious eyes and to provide too much sovereignty of Greece to its international creditors. Angered  Greeks are asking how much say they will have in their own affairs after the EU made clear that monitors would be relocated to Athens to supervise the economy to help clear its debts and also to rebuild and restructure it . On Friday, the Greek citizens carried “Merkel = Hitler” banners, some burned German flags, and disrupted national parades commemorating Greece’s entry into the Second World War. The civil disobedience movement first began when the Greeks refused to pay road taxes and also the ministries and government buildings being taken over by them through strikes and protests.

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