syrian-flagAfter the attack on US Embassy and the diplomat’s house on Monday in Syria, the US officials on Tuesday had words of fire towards Syria government.

The US said on Tuesday that Syria has lost Authenticity. They said Syrian President Bashar Assad has failed to prove himself as a good and a worthy mass leader. We clearly want a change in Syria leadership or else the action will be according to the US desires.

President Obama has asked Syrian President before to lead his country to a peaceful direction or else he should leave the power. The US officials have also said that call for change is the demand of the masses and it should be openly declared that Syrian genuineness has lost.

Some Syrian source said that they were harassed for not praising Assad. Meanwhile the US Embassy has started working with Syrian officials with a better security format. Repairing was made as on the parts what has been destructed. The American flag was also returned to the US officials in Syria, which was on Monday taken down by the demonstrators.

The US spokesperson said – the things are going out of control now and if not controlled soon we have to take an aggressive scene towards.

If this initial starting a step towards war is not been managed properly it will take the same as what happened in Afghanistan and Iraq.


Report by Kushal Kumar