Supreme court warns high court not to summon government officials

Warnning about officialsThe High court judges were warned by the apex court that, they should not summon the Government officials for unnecessary reasons as it will result in causing disastrous effect on their governance. The court passed this order when it was found to be improper that even after continuous advise from the apex court, of not summoning the Government officials except in exceptional cases, the Allahabad High Court summoned the U.P government’s principal health secretary for non-compliance of its 21year order. The bench clearly stated that a large number of cases are charged against these officials which are only for the ego satisfaction of the judges. Adding up to the same it was said that the judges of higher judiciary (High Court and Supreme Court) should have high degree of modesty and humility and should not possess any kind of ego problems. Also the court advised the judges to show respect to these officials of the executive. A mutual respect between the executive and the judiciary is an important phenomenon without which the whole system will collapse.

Therefore, here the bench said that the High Court must first explore the options of getting the order complied by asking the Advocate General to inform the concerned official about the non-implementation of the order.

Report by : Sharika