Sudhendra kulkarni and cash for vote scam

Sudhendra kulkarniSudhendra kulkarni a BJP MP was released from Tihar jail in connection with the cash for vote scam. He was arrested on account of accepting bribe for voting in parliament.

Earlier the then samjwadi party leader Amar Singh bargained the three MPS of BJP on 3 cores each and after that they moved in parliament with the money and starting showing to the speaker.

Bjp leader Mr. L.K Advani told that he had the knowledge of all these deals but he wanted the govt. to be exposed in the parliament will indulging in horse-trading. They acted as whistle blowers and by punishing them the action is being taken against whistle blowers, who exposed corruption.

It was told that the action should be taken against prime minister as he is the ultimate beneficiary of all these chain of events which occurred.

Amar Singh and others have already been granted bail by the Delhi high court in this matter. Now, kulkarni will be joining in Advani Jan chetna yatra which is in its last phase.kulkarni told that the complete exposure of the UPA government in this matter still remains and the mission will be completed.

Sudhendra kulkarni and cash for vote scam

Report by Abhishek Kumar