Guard faces charges in case of U.S student killed in Costa Rica

killer gaurdA 16-year old American student in Cost Rica is suspected to have been killed by the security guard who has been charged with simple homicide for the same.

The suspected accused was working as a guard in the hotel were the boy was staying, which is a popular tourist spot famous for the Arenal volcano.

Merisel Rodriguez, spokeswomen for Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ), which investigates crime in Costa Rica states that, the boy along with three others left their rooms on Wednesday night to another section of the hotel in order to visit some of his friends. And she added that, the boys attempted to go back to their rooms on Thursday around 4 am and the security guard who saw them apparently mistook them for robbers and fired his weapon.

No other students were injured other than the 16-year old boy, who was shot in the chest and died on the spot. The family and friends of the boy gathered for a prayer service at a church across the street from his school.