ROHINTON NARIMANAdvocate Rohinton Nariman was appointed as the new SG of India succeeding Mr. Gopal Subramaniam who had resigned earlier this month in the wake of the Communications Minister Kapil Sibbal preferring Mr. Nariman over him to represent him in the SC in a case of black money against Mr. Sibbal. Mr. Rohinton Nariman will now represent the Union of India in the Supreme Court.

Authentic sources claimed that Mr. Nariman emerged out as a winner from a list of many strong contenders for the post which included eminent names like Mohan Parasaran, Indira Jaisingh and Vivek Tanka.

Mr. Nariman is the son of the eminent jurist and senior advocate Fali Nariman. Mr. Rohinton Nariman has a long history of practicing in the Supreme Court and various High Courts in various constitutional and corporate cases. Mr. Nariman was made senior Senior Counsel by the then CJI, M.N. Venkatachaliah, who had amended the rules for making him a senior counsel at the age of only 37 against the mandatory age of 45.

Mr. Nariman has an enriched academic background constituting completing his Master’s in Law from Harvard University, practicing Maritime Law in New York at Haight, Gardener, Poor and Havens for one year. Other than legal arena, he has been specializing in Comparative Religious Studies and has also been ordained as a Zoroastrian priest from Bandra Agiari.


Report by Bikram Singh Rana