According to Obama’s administration officials, the killing of the Pakistani journalist who reported about the infiltration of militants in the Pakistan’s military was killed by Pakistan’s powerful spy agency.

Two senior administration officials were of the opinion that disappearance of Saleem Shahzad, 40, from Islamabad after which his mortally wounded body was discovered showed that the senior officials of the spy agency, the Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence, directed the attack to silence the criticism.

Information received from a reliable and conclusive source lead the officials to believe that the actions of ISI were “barbaric and unacceptable”. The badly injured relationship between Pakistan and United States could worsen even more with the disclosure of information.

An Obama administration official said that in the coming days there will be deliberations on how the information regarding Shahzad’s murder is presented to the Pakistani government.

In an answer to the question about the possibility of its existence the disclosure of the intelligence was made. One of the two officials reluctantly confirmed that, “There is a lot of high level concern about the murder; no one is too busy not to look at this.”

The American officials said there is enough intelligence and indicators to believe that the ISI had ordered to kill him. A spokesman for the Pakistan intelligence agency said that he had nothing to comment on matters related to it.

So it George Little, a Central Intelligence Agency declined to comment.