Delaware pediatrician goes on trial for alleged sex abuse

Dr. Earl BradleyDelaware pediatrician, Earl Bradley, was accused for molesting 103 of his patients and the evidence on the same was heard by the judge, William C. Carpenter, on Tuesday at a one day bench trial.

After the hearing, judge stated to the attorneys that he would declare his verdict later.

58 years old Bradely, whose practice was in Lewes, had been previously gone through the trials facing 529 counts of rape, sexual exploitation of a child, unlawful sexual contact and various other charges.

On Tuesday, the prosecutors filed and amended the indictment reducing the charges against Bradely into 28 counts and in the new indictment there were no new victims or incidents alleged. These charges accused Bradely for first degree rape, forcing girls to perform oral sex on him and filming dozens of the children engaging in sex acts.

The court officials in Georgetown, Delaware, stated that Bradely waived his right to jury trial and was tried before Justice William C. Carpenter.