Supreme Court asks for amending laws on corruption

Supreme-Court-of-IndiaSupreme Court of India yesterday sought amendment to the Prevention of Corruption Act (PCA) to root out corruption from the country.

Courts comment came amidst the strong demand by the civil society of the country for a strong anti-graft law and confiscation of black money in the foreign sources. The bench of apex court while dismissing the appeal of an Assistant Excise Commissioner in a graft case said
“In this country, if there are two laws that need to be changed or amended to act as a deterrent, they are laws relating to anti-corruption and sale of spurious drugs.”

The bench while rejecting counsel’s plea that conviction of official was erroneous as alleged bribe amount of Rs 4,000 was more than the “permit fee” of Rs 850, added that there is no logic in the argument as bribe is demanded by officials irrespective of the nature of work.

Report by Reuben