Allahabad HC rejects CBI probe into Sachan’s death in jail

The demand of CBI probe into the mysterious death of Deputy CMO Dr. Y.S. Sachan in Lucknow district jail on June 22 was rejected by the Lucknow Bench of Allahabad High Court on Friday, 24th of 2011, while disposing of an application in this regard.

The disposal of the application was made by the vacation bench comprising Justices Shabibul Hasnain and Vedpal and they said that the petition would be heard by the regular court on July 18th. The applicant’s contention that the family members of Dr. Sachan were not present during the post-mortem as claimed by the Uttar Pradesh Government was questioned by the court. This contention was rejected by the court as it was not supported by any affidavit from any of the Sachan’s family members.

An application had been filed in the court by the counsel appearing for the petitioner, Nadeem Murtaja, to demand the conduct of Dr. Sachan’s post-mortem under a high level committee, besides his viscera should be preserved. The State Government was directed by the court to make the findings of post-mortem available to the family of the deceased.

In the meantime, another plea for the CBI probe filed by senior Supreme Court lawyer Kamini Jaiswal in support of the victim’s family was also rejected by the court. The same was rejected as Ms. Jaiswal said it was being filed in public interest and did not contain any letter or affidavit from Dr. Sachan’s family member. Deputy CMO Dr. Y.S. Sachan, who was accused in the murder of two CMOs, Dr. Vinod Arya and Dr. B.P. Singh, on 28th of October 2010, and 2nd of April 2011, in Lucknow, was imprisoned in Lucknow District Jail since 5th of April.

He was found dead under mysterious circumstances in the toilet of hospital in jail premises.

Report by Sharika