Rana not ‘guilty’ for Mumbai, India disappointed

Mumbai Terrorist attack caseIt was assured by the Government of India that it was carrying out the investigations against Rana and the Bharathiya Janatha Party has reported that New Delhi has not done much to get him convicted for the Mumbai attack.

It was on Thursday; the jury in the famed Dirksen Federal Courthouse in Chicago, declared Rana, 50, to be not guilty, and it was a major victory for defence, as the guilt would have meant life prison.

It was great moment for his family members when Judge Harry D Leinenweber acquitted him for the 2008 slaughter of 166 people including six Americans in Mumbai.

The Indian Government which had been continuously observing the court proceedings of Rana, in order to file charges in against him and his friend David Coleman Headley, in India, was disappointed by the verdict.

U.K Bansal, Secretary (internal security) in the home ministry, stated to the New Delhi reporters that they are disappointed as Rana was acquitted on the count of conspiracy to provide material support to Mumbai terrorist attack. The opposition in India lashed out at the Congress led Government for not doing much to get Rana convicted for the Mumbai attack.

The report of Chicago Sun Times stated that, the U.S Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald was happy with the guilty verdicts, but was disappointed that Rana was found not guilty in connection with the more serious charge of assisting in the Mumbai attack. Though Rana had only little reaction, his family members as well as his attorneys, Charles Swift and Patrick Blegen were really shocked and surprised when the verdict was pronounced and said that, they were happy as he was not found guilty for the Mumbai siege, even though the other two guilty verdicts disappointed them.

Report by Sharika