Baba Ramdev taken to Dehradun for treatment

HARIDWAR:  Baba Ramdev, Yoga Guru who in hunger strike against corruption, has been forcibly moved from the strike site at Haridwar, where he was on fast unto death and has been taken to Dehradun for further hospital treatment.The shifting by the Haridwar district administration comes hours after a team of doctors said that Ramdev’s condition had deteriorated furhter and he needed treatment in ICU.

The team of doctors who checked the fasting yoga guru earlier today had warned that if Baba Ramdev did not break his fast immediately he would suffer irreversible damage to his body.

The Haridwar CMO had sent a report to the district adminstration urging immediate steps to end Ramdev’s fast.

Baba Ramdev had rejected all appeals by the district administration to end his fast and had even refused to take glucose.