Brazil- Eight drug dealers die in Rio raid

The police reported that eight suspected drug traffickers have been killed during a raid in a slum area.

As per the information provided by the military police, it was in two separate exchanges of gunfire, which took place in the Engenhoda Rainha neighbourhood and which lasted for several hours, the group died.

Later the police discovered rifles, pistols and grenades.

drug dealers die in Rio raidNumber of slums has been recently targeted by the police as they attempt to clear high-crime areas ahead of the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics.

It was on Wednesday 22nd of June 2011, the operation started when Rio’s special Operations Battalion (the Bope) entered the Engenhoda Rainha favela looking for suspected drug traffickers.

Between the police and alleged gang members an alleged fight ensued and the gunfire shook the neighbourhood until dawn on Thursday.

The police stated that the first confrontation started on the Gaurabu Road just before mid night, when three suspected drug traffickers were killed.

After a short time officers were fired on from another part of favela. In the second exchange, five suspected traffickers were killed.

Also, a local resident was injured when he was caught in the crossfire.

The police again reported that, two rifles, ammunition, three pistols, two grenades, and a quantity of drugs were confiscated by them during the operation.

Though Rio de Janeiro has a long been considered as one of the most violent cities in Brazil, the analysts says that it has seen the biggest fall in criminal activity in recent months, among the country’s urban areas.

Report by Sharika