A plea to indict Tata and Ambani rejected

Plea rejectedThe Delhi high court on thursday rejected a plea to indict Ratan Tata and Anil Ambani in the 2G spectrum case. The judge along with imposing a fine of Rs.10,000 also said that the case lacks any substance and is not in compliance with law. He added that these kind of cases wastes a lot of court’s precious time and should be strongly condemned with hefty fines. The petition claimed that the CBI knowingly are not looking into the matter and are protecting the persons. It requested the court’s direction to the CBI to indict them. This is not the first time a court has slapped a fine on a third party to the case. On May 25 there was a similar case where it requested the inclusion of companies like Airtel and S-Tel of corrupt practices and the court levied a fine of Rs.10,000 on the petitioner.