The enforcement authority of Los Angeles has arrested a phisher who has played an active role in a phishing attack. The attack aimed at stealing money from the consumer bank accounts. The operation phishing phry which is a cyber crime investigation agency initiated by US & EGYPT law enforcement authorities was successful to trap the phisher.

The US District Court for the central district of Los Angeles had sentenced the 27 year old phisher to 11 years in prison. The phisher was found guilty of multi faceted charges including computer fraud, money laundering conspiracy, identity theft, bank fraud, phishing, and wire fraud.

However, an additional five years of imprisonment was given by the court to him. This was given for growing over 100 marijuana plants at his residence. The three of those additional 5 years are in concurrence with the already issue sentence. Thus, total 13 years of imprisonment was given for the convicted phisher.

The court apparently issued its verdict after making an estimation of the total amount lost in the phishing attack which was in excess of US $ 1 million.

Report by Sai Sushanth