No incrimination to Court for helping poor people

helping poor peopleThe Supreme Court of India has remarked the political executive as well as the central and state level for belated implementation of welfare schemes and bringing up the bogey of judicial activism when courts get indulge and issues directions.

According to the Apex Court bench of Justice G. S. Singhvi and Justice Ashok Kumar Ganguly said that the class of poor people and downtrodden class is not getting the advantages of welfare schemes mentioned in the legislation but the efforts going on to bridge the gap between this effort and implementation.

In last 63 years, parliament and state legislatures have make the laws for getting the aims set out in the preamble but its implementation has been very incompetent and insufficient.

This underprivileged part for the poor brings the judiciary to issue direction for the implementation of the welfare statute so that the right to equality, life and liberty no longer persist.

The weaker section of the society must be privileged by this directing order of the court.

No incrimination to Court for helping poor people

Report by: – Vibhanshu Vaibhav