Patent proofreading

What is Patent proofreading

It is one of the significant step by which the enforcement of Patent can be acquired without any unwanted delay in time. It is a process by which highly skilled IP attorneys proofread the previously registered patents with patent office.  Proof reading of patent makes your work in registration of patent easier. Although proof reading can be done by individuals it is advisable to hire the services of professionals. Patent office will be more cautious while issuing a patent right but still they are nowhere to be blamed as one must understand that they are also human beings and it will be difficult for them to understand their own mistake. If a patent is issued and later the errors are found then the patent will remain to continue with the errors only. Correcting the error in the patent issued is hectic and costly too.

To change the errors in the issued one must fill the certificate of Corrections; it is a certificate which is to be filled by the applicant for changing the errors of the patents. There are separate rules declared by the patent office to correct them if there are any errors found in the certificate of corrections.

Process of Patent Proofreading is very important at the same it requires soft skills. Time efficacy is highly concerned element in proof-reading of patents which can only be achieved through skilled professionals.

Certificate of Correction file maintained by the patent office, formally updated contains the following fields:

Document number

Publication Date

Kind of Document Code