Explosion in parking lot of Delhi High Court

delhi high court blastA minor explosion occurred in the parking lot of High court of Delhi on 25th may. No causalities were reported. After the explosion eight fire engines and bomb squad arrived at the spot and collected details on explosion. The Fire department is arguing that the explosion had taken place in a car in the parking lot of high court near gate number 7 at 1323 hrs. Now the police were investigating weather the explosion had taken inside or outside the car.

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Government allows FDI in LLPs

The Central Government has allowed the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Limited Liability Partnerships though it would be in a calibrated manner with specific condition. As per the new guidelines, FDI in LLPs will be permitted only in the sectors where 100 percent FDI is allowed through automatic route and will not be allowed in agricultural and plantation industries. These new rules will apply after the new consolidated FDI policy is announced.

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Human Rights activists criticize confinement of the lawyers by Iran

legal newsIran recently has held many human rights lawyers under detention. These lawyers mainly defended many political prisoners and prisoners facing death penalty charges. This move by the state is considered as a sign of repression against the recent protests after the elections. The activists call these actions by the state arbitrary and are violations of International law. They also feel that by targeting defense lawyers the state is denying the right for competent legal representation which is a basic right under fair trial principle.

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