Obama’s operation china

Obama_chinaUS president Barrack Obama is on a nine day visit to Asia and during which he will be attending the ASEAN summit and Obama will be the first US president to do so.

Barrack Obama will also be meeting with the heads of small states of the East Asia.

During his visit Barrack Obama will be meeting with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and the issues of nuclear liability and china are likely to be discussed.

Chinese claims over the natural resources of the south china sea is not being accepted by US and thus to challenge the might of china or counter  US wants to boasts its presence in that area. It is the responsibility of US to provide security to the nations like Japan, Philippines and South Korea, and with china regularly claiming the islands in the South China Sea and claims over the natural resources in the South China Sea is   threat to the might of US.

Alarmed with these incidents now, White House announced the sale of Boeing 737s and General Electric engines to Indonesia, Boeing 777s to Singapore and Sikorsky helicopters to Brunei.

Obama’s operation china

Report by Abhishek Kumar