U.S. President Barrack Obama will order a U.S Troop drawdown from Afganistan whereby 10,000 soldiers would be back in America by this year. After a bloody and inconsistently waged decade-long war and nation building effort, the White House addresses may also come to be seen as the moment when the United States began to disengage from Afganistan.

Obama stuck to his promise to pull the troops out after an 18-month troop surge but apparently Pentagon heed warned that an overly swift withdrawal could imperil hard-won gains against Taliban insurgents.

The president might order the return of five thousand first and then more five thousand by the end of the year.

Altitudes shift on war following the killing of Osama bin Laden, other heavy blows against al Qaeda and the wanting of U.S. public support for the war.

During this phase, more than 1, 600 US service personnel deaths have taken place at a cost nearly $10 billion in a month, the American commitment is unsustainable at its present size of 99,000 US troops.

Obama promised Americans when he unveiled the surge that he would begin to bring back the soldiers from July 2011, a vow critics panned as offering succor to US enemies.

Report by Sumit