North Korea threatens ‘a sea of fire’ upon South Korea

North Korea threatens South KoreaNorth Korea threatened to attack South Korea a day after the South staged war exercises to mark the anniversary of North Korea’s deadly shelling which happened over a year ago in which 2 marines and 2 civilians were killed.

A year ago Wednesday, North Korea launched an attack on the civilian island of Yeonpyeong, reigniting the feud between the North and the South.

North Korea’s military supreme commander accused the South’s anniversary exercise as a rehearsal for war against the North and warned that the North’s armed forces are battle ready to fight any war.

The commander said in an official statement “If South Korea dares “to impair the dignity of (the North) again and fire one bullet or shell toward its inviolable territorial waters, sky and land, the deluge of fire on Yonphyong Island will lead to that in Chongwadae and the sea of fire in Chongwadae to the deluge of fire sweeping away the stronghold of the group of traitors”

South Korea’s defense ministry had no immediate comment, Yonhap reported.

The shelling incident in Yeonpyeong was first attack on the South Korea in almost 60 years by the North.

North Korea threatens ‘a sea of fire’ upon South Korea

Report by Adhir Roy Chowdury