World No Tobacco Day 2011

world no tobacco World No Tobacco Day is observed around the world today (May 31st 2011). The World Tobacco Day now is observed around the world every year on May 31st. It is observed under the Aim to encourage a 24 hour period of abstinence from all form of tobacco consumption across whole world. The world tobacco day was created by the World Health Organization in 1987.

The use of tobacco in today is very highly and addictive, which had killed approximately 100 million people in the 20th century and it would continue the killing if people consume it. The theme of this year’s WNTD (World No Tobacco Day) is “The WHO frame work convention on Tobacco control (WHO FCTC)” FCTC was the first treaty ever negotiated by the WHO, which represents a big step towards advancement. So in this day the WNTD encourages a 24 hour period of abstinence from all form of tobacco consumption which intends to people’s awareness to the of tobacco smoke. Health, social, environmental and economic consequences due to tobacco use and exposure. According to the reports over five million people will die every year from tobacco-related illness, and some people about 600,000 including children have the possibility to die from exposure to second hand smoke, even though they haven’t smoked in their life. Second hand smoking is more dangerous than actual smoking because one can inhale the toxin deposits of a smoker.

The greatest tool against these evil is the WHO’s frame work “Convection on Tobacco Control”. It was opened in 2003 and now more than 170 countries have become parties, making it one of the most rapidly embarrassed treaties in United Nations History. WNTD is one and only day for peoples, non-governmental and governmental organizations worldwide to organize various activities to raise the level of awareness of the risks that is associated with tobacco and issues related with it. Various groups around the world including National governments to city councils are encouraged by the WHO to organize events each year to help communities celebrating WNTD in their own way.

During the time of observance of WNTD countries like Philippines bans smoking in Public areas along major and secondary roads in the metro rails in the time for WNTD observance. To protect the Filipinos from second hand smoke, Smoking is strictly prohibited in waiting sheds, schools, hospitals, recreational places and public utility vehicles.

But the complete abolition of tobacco is still remains as a challenge for many countries because tobacco is used in making medicines and fertilizers. Even though it cannot be completely abolished the observance of WNTD has make some changes to make an awareness in people about the harmful effects on tobacco usage and also play a major role in the consumption of tobacco even for one day.

Report by Vishnu Devraj