To protect the interests of the students seeking admission the Centre is proposing a new law to check unfair practices in schools with respect to donations, nexus with coaching centre’s etc.

The proposed  “ The Prohibition of Unfair Practices in Schools And Intermediate Colleges Bill,2011”  aims at promoting transparency through mandatory self disclosure in the prospectus and on the website and provide adequate and accessible recourse to remedial action arising out of non-adherence.

The law will provide for both civil and criminal penalties as well as impose liability for violations and subsequently prevent unfair practices in the field of mechanical, Technical knowledge in educational institutions, which is still awaiting the parliamentary clearance.

The main moto of introducing such a bill is mainly to prevent any kind os misuse of authority in schools and colleges or to avoid any kind of unnecessary intervention with the autonomy of the institution. This has been done as to provide better educational facilities to the upcoming generation by providing them necessary assistance in every ways.

The new law will prohibit accepting any fee or charge without giving any receipt for the same. Also it will ban donation/ capitation fee in the educational institution and provides for refunding of a percentage of the fee when the student withdraws from that institution.

The bill will come up for discussion at Central advisory of Education (CABE) in the next week- education being in the concurrent list.

At present the schools governed by Kendriya Vidhyalaya Sangathan, Navodaya Vidhyalayas and State governments, are governed by the rules framed by them.