Authority remain clueless as rain washes the clue of Mumbai serial blast

mumbai bomb blast 2011As the fortune does not favour the Mumbai blast, the clues of the blast were washed away by the heavy rain on Thursday.

The various agencies of India are facing dark side in investigation as no definite clue is with them. The reports say, that the investigation of the Mumbai blast has become a circus as too many investigation agencies has got indulge into it and doing their private investigation.

It a truth that our police have lost many crucial clues as it was raining heavily that day and it’s our mistake that we didn’t even put waterproof sheeting’s over the site; senior officials of Maharashtra police admitted. The officials of Maharashtra Anti terrorist Squad(ATS) on Thursday complained that just after two hours blast took place there were half dozen agencies on the spot, doing there research  and tripping each other up.

When asked by the Home Minister P. Chidambaram about the blast suspect he said All the groups who are capable to strike are suspect. He urged the citizens of India to be patient and have faith on the government officials.

As far as reports are concerned the ATS officials got CCTV footage in Dadar blasts from almost 10 CCTV cameras.The studding of the images still remains, as the agencies and cops are collecting evidences till yet. Our country don’t lack in anything but laziness and intention to make some particular group image up. They should work as one group at least for national integrity.

Authority remain clueless as rain washes the clue of Mumbai serial blast

Report by Kushal Kumar