Libyan tribes protest at new government line-up

Libyan tribes protest Some of the major Libyan clans have outright rejected the new Libyan government, a day after the cabinet was unveiled reviving regional rivalry which could the stability of the country.

Prime minister designate Abdurrahim El-Keib named a cabinet line-up which aimed to conciliate Libya’s regional interests and ideological camps which are competing to grab power in the new government.

There was no immediate sign of dissent over the cabinet from the most powerful interests, however the smaller groups complained that they have been neglected.

Meanwhile, the International Criminal Court has said that Col Gaddafi’s captured son Saif al-Islam will be tried in Libya, not The Hague as originally planned.

About 150 people protested on Wednesday morning outside a hotel in the eastern city of Benghazi where the interim leadership, the National Transitional Council, has offices. Among them were the Berber, who are an ethnic minority which suffered persecution under Gaddafi and which is pressing for greater recognition for its language and culture in the new Libya.

Libyan tribes protest at new government line-up

Report by Adhir Roy Chowdhury