The Chinese foreign ministry spokesman for the first time described the opposition as “an important political power in Libya” as the leader of Libya’s rebel opposition arrived there for talks.

The Chinese foreign minister, Yang Jiechi, announced in a press conference that the leader, Mahmoud Jibril was scheduled to meet him during his two-day visit. The foreign ministry tends it to be a very conscious of protocol and the meeting with Jibril comes after Yang met with Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi’s foreign minister in Beijing this month.

China is a serious preacher of non intervention in recent years and has opposed international efforts to put pressure on countries like Zimbabwe, Sudan, Myanmar and North Korea even though they are characterized by repressive governments.

The most recent instance of their abstinence from international interventions were evident when they firmly refused to authorize airstrikes against Qaddafi’s forces to prevent them from killing civilians.

The ministry was questioned whether China had desires to be prepared if no matter which sides wins the conflict and if the invitation were in lines of it to which the Hong Lei replied stating that, “We believe that Libya’s future should be decided by the Libyan people, China respects the Libyan people’s freedom of choice.”