UN Libya commission says government forces have committed war crimes

Three person commission appointed by UN Human Rights Council to investigate violence in Libya published its 92 page report yesterday. The report says that government forces in Libya have committed crimes against Humanity and war crimes under the orders of the Libyan leader Mummar Gaddafi and other high profile leaders of the Libyan Government. The report accuses Libyan Government of committing crimes against humanity such as acts constituting murder, imprisonment, and other severe deprivations of physical liberties, torture, forced disappearances, and rape being part of a widespread attack against civilian population with knowledge of the attack. Commission also says in the report that there is strong evidence of War Crimes committed in violation of the Rome statute. Report published by the commission also lays down that continuous pattern of violations identified in Libya gives way for formulating an inference that these violations were carried out as a result of policy decisions taken by the Gaddafi led government. Estimates in the report show that 10,000–15,000 have been killed since civilian protests against the government in Libya began in February.