Legal Outsourcing Services

In India, we all have an experienced knowledge about BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) but when it comes to LPO it’s a totally new recognized form in Legal field. This paper aims at analyzing the ‘for’ and ‘against’ determinants of LPO.

What is Legal Process Outsourcing ?

Legal Process outsourcing basically implies taking help from LPO providers which may be either a law firm or corporation or an exclusive LPO provider. As of now an exclusive LPO providers in India is quite rare to find as this is totally a new culture in India.

Why Legal Process Outsourcing ?

To my understanding “if a field has laid its stone, it would surely turn into a nourishing monument”. In the same way LPO has laid its stone in India and in no doubt would emerge as an ex-temporary field within a short period of time for budding as well as on – record litigators. As a new emerging field LPO has some draw backs but the pull up factor of LPO is totally extempore that makes it reach the destiny through the right path.

Legal outsourcing – A new pillar in legal field

Legal field is totally a challenging field, if you are to take up challenges you can give one to others. In this motto a new field in Indian Legal system has emerged and I find it is attracting youths to take up legal profession. I find it quite welcoming for India as our country’s legal system has emerged from English Law System.

Need for Legal Process Outsourcing

We could see a drastic change in the legal field since the past 10 years such as integrated 5 year course which has attracted many and now most of the leading National Law Universities in our country have come up with a 1 year L.L.M. Program which is again well received among the learners of law. Likewise LPO is also applauded and in no doubt that” it serves as a magnet to attract irons of mind among the legal fraternity”.

Culture conflict

‘Sharing is caring!’

We are generously adapting to so called western culture. Indian culture is that it is ‘strange’ to share any information with the total stranger as we consider that a mere trust of relationship is not built all of a sudden. So it is for the LPO providers to understand the client’s and work out accordingly.  In a country like India LPO would slowly but certainly reach its goal by serving its needful purpose. LPO identifies itself as an “implied sharing of professional culture” in the sense that it requires sharing of some kind of basic and privacy with other men who are equally equipped as the primary offerer. Moving further sharing of privacy documents between two lawyers who work on same field is naturally considered to form a ‘culture conflict’ between them or a MNC would not be 100% explicitly happy in hiring a totally new law firm as its LPO . But as said above sharing of required data and information with right organizations for any right cause would be morally fit for the sake of profession. No harm in it.

LPO- as a backbone

As human back bone helps one to stand erect, likewise the LPO provides lawyers to stand with courage to handle any disputes.

LPO Advantages

  • you can increase your client

  • increasing thought process

  • Discussing the problem with ‘like minded’ ignites your knowledge to find the apt solution

  • In most cases LPO is not made public (they act behind the screen)

  • Even complicated works gets easier to solve


Besides LPO being a newly born child in India it has seen a warm welcome among the academicians, lawyers, and law learners. This would be greatly accepted by the Indian culture of legal masters with overwhelming appreciation as most of them find LPO as a helping hand in their career. The best part is they find LPO as a steam of sourcing for both the parties (giver and the taker). LPO is expected to increase the employment rate to higher levels as it is requires a quite large number of persons for a effective transaction of LPO. People like I hope that LPO reaches its goal so that our legal system gets a energy booster for the future trends.

Soundararajan. R,
Studying 2nd year BBA. LLB in Symbiosis Law School, NOIDA,
Symbiosis International University, Pune,
Intern at Biz & Legis.

  • Sam Efron

    Informative post! Thanks for sharing.

    I agree with you. Legal outsourcing has become “A new pillar in legal field” as through LPO we have gained an access to external talent, who help us by providing effective and satisfactory solutions. We can even save on our money and time by outsourcing our legal issues.

    Keep posting.