Election Commission to seek Law Commission on Right to Reject

legal_right_to_rejectAfter the demand made by Anna Hazare the Election Commission of India now writing to the Law Commission that Right to Reject shall be introduced in the five states which are going to pool next year.

According to this right to reject the voters will get the opinion in voting machine as None of the above which will give the voters a right to reject the candidates if they think that no one is capable for election. Law commission is planning to ask this thing to Law Commission so that they can amend the poll rule and introduce new button to the electoral machine.

But according to Section 49(O) of the Indian Constitution does not allow the voters to access none of the above option but violates his secrecy as individual, as he has to fill a physical form in the poll booth and this thing will result in the explosion of the secrecy of the individual, but according to the electronic format it will allow the voter to remain anonymous.

Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh has assured Anna Hazare that government is concerning   about the Right to Reject proposal. Election Commission has said that Right to recall is a very large and more difficult idea but Right to reject is small and more manageable idea.

This right to reject in electoral machine will provide the voters a right to elect a proper person as a state representative. But on the other side if everyone will select none of the above option so no one will be selected for the election and this will result in the wastage of money of the country and the persons who are rejected in these elections will not be able to stand in the next election as they are already rejected by the people.

Election Commission to seek Law Commission on Right to Reject

Legal news reported by Dushyant Tiwari