Jaycee Dugard, the US kidnap victim claims her 18 years of life has been stolen by the couples Philip and Nancy Garrido as she had been kidnapped and abducted at the age of 11.

Now the victim is of 31 years and she has made her first public appearance and the Californian couples were sentenced for kidnapping and rape. Nancy Garrido aged 55 received 36 yrs to life and her husband Philip, 431 yrs to life.

Philip Garrido aged 60 has two children with the victim. The victim was kept with her two daughters now 13 and 16 in the backyard of Garrido home, Antioch in California in a compound of tents and sheds.

In April, the couple pleaded for guilty but they could not succeed and the Judge stated that the treatment of Ms.Dugard was treated as evil and blameworthy. Also Ms.Dugard has received a $20m settlement from the state of California which has acknowledged repeated mistakes in the monitoring of Philip Garrido. Philip Garrido name was already on the sex offender’s list as he had previously been convicted for rape as well as abduction.