Japanese work hard to continue Antarctic whaling

Japanese-work hardJapan overcoming the natural disaster happened few time before. Their work towards whaling is to be continued as what they have stopped last year.

Due to the campaigns by the activists, financial problems and new maritime regulations they Tokyo team were forced to stop whaling, Japans’ senior whaling official said Joji Morishita – we had a halt we didn’t backed out.

By the end of this year the whaling fleet will be back to Antarctic Japanese officials said after a meeting of International Whaling Commission (IWC) took place.

A situation of cold war has also arise between, The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and the Japanese fleet as the Sea Shepherd says they will be back too and will once again intercept and block the Japanese operations; said the organisation head Paul Watson. He also quoted – what we do the best-defend the whales.

Japan has found the organisation vessel as the main source of obstacle and will try to prevent as sooner as it interrupts; Japanese officials said. Japan has demonstrated their techniques, showed picture and videos of their working way. The have also showed how the other organisation are attacking the whales with bottles filled with foul-smelling butyric acid and other particles also.

Japan return will also help them in overcoming their economy also as whaling is one of the employment sources in Japan.

Japanese work hard to continue Antarctic whaling

Report: by kushal kumar