Immigration Reform in the US

us flagA US journalist got surprised after the world of American politics revealing that he was an illegal immigrant and intentional smuggled into the country as a young boy from the Philippines. He has joined the fight for U.S immigration reform by launching the campaign group Define American.

Some Latin American (Hispanic) immigrant are now leaving their places ahead of the legislation going into effect, originating a possible construction labour shortage. In Tuscaloosa, Dorothy McDade called a Hispani immigrant and according to him all had moved to Texas, who works in the Hispanic Ministry at Holy Spirit Catholic Church. He is among those who quitting Albama. After tornado in America, many Hispanics left their places as they got affected to tornado became homeless. The departures of Hispanics in huge came into the existence, after the law had been passed stating that bans on hiring people who are in the country illegal.

As the law comes into force from Sept 1, more Hispanics will go and vacate the place, as in Tuscaloosa area in the past few weeks on the basis of public hearings it was being heard about departures.

At Holy Spirit’s Spanish Mass, fewer people were chatting about vacating and did inquiries from Hispanics Church workers like McDade, asking what they should do. McDade said many Hispanics immigrants, whether they came here legally or illegally, they work hard and take jobs.

There will be possibility of suffer of those industries who will get affected by the shortage of Hispanic workers.

The state’s new immigration law empowers cops to confine suspected illegal immigrants who are stopped for another reason.

Immigration Reform in the US

Report by Vibhanshu Vaibhav