Humanity still in threat – A Bahraini woman poet tells her torture in custody

woman torturedA young Bahraini woman, Ayat al-Qurmezi, was arrested earlier this year got released this Wednesday. She was arrested after reciting an anti-government poem to demonstrators in the Gulf kingdom.
She said she was beaten, electrocuted with clips attached to her face, and threatened with hardcore sexual assault while she was in custody.
She was charged on committing treason by attacking the king but she said she was innocent. I want reform no revolution she urged.
On her release she was greeted by hundred of people at her home. She has become one of the symbols of protest. People due to her intellectuality are now demanding a constitutional monarchy. She has thus become a minor celebrity.

At least 32 people died during the five months of protests and crackdowns in Bahrain. Hundreds of protesters, activists and doctors and nurses who treated protesters were detained from their rights and was charged according to martial law.

She was put in a narrow cell from where she could hear the voice of other prisoners beaten brutally. They always come and tell her you are next. She was not raped but was threatened they would do so. I urged god for death, as she cried with a eyes of an anger.

State media and other pro-government activists attacked her and claimed she was insulting the religion and putting the masses on the racial hatred.

This status of human in some countries really shows the needs how we need democracy instead of a monarchy.

Humanity still in threat – A Bahraini woman poet tells her torture in custody

Report by Kushal Kumar