How to register a Company in US

The considerations to be looked into to deal with registering the companies in United States differ from state to state. The procedure also differ depending upon the firms or business like sole proprietorship, corporation, Limited Liability Company or partnership. For example if it is a sole proprietorship then no registration is required at the state level.

The first procedure to deal with while regarding with the registering of a company is the registering of a firm name. If we are registering a sole partnership this can be the person’s name itself. In the case of partnership it can be the name which is used in the partnership agreement. The name should be registered with the respective state government. The next procedure to be followed is to get an employer identification number which is to be provided by the US Internal Revenue Service which is provided by them for free. In case the business sells any goods then a separate permit is to be obtained from the state or local government called the Sales Tax Permit or the Vendor’s License.

The next step is to inquire into and meet the tax and license requirements. In many states the business requires a sales tax permit to collect sales tax from the customers. The information about the income tax can be sought from the General Tax information link in the state. Apart from this almost all states requires payment of unemployment insurance and health insurance for the employees also. Finally when the companies succeed in obtaining the license they can start their business.

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