Headley says he made a fool of Rana by involving him in the conspiracy

David Coleman Headley David Coleman Headley told the defense lawyer for his co-accused Rana that he made a fool of his childhood friend Rana by covering his terrorist links and making him assist in the conspiracy which ended up in the 26/11 attack on Mumbai which left 160 people dead. Headley had pleaded guilty while Rana’s defense still maintains the status that he is not guilty of the charges of support for terrorism. If convicted Rana will be facing a life sentence. The trial is been closely watched from India for getting any evidence for the alleged involvement of Pakistani Government’s involvement in the attack. Headley had named a former military officer and a major from the Pakistani Army to be involved in the conspiracy and said that their superiors were unaware of the plot. Headley also revealed that the Al-Qaeda had planned to kill the CEO of the American defense contractor from Lock-Heed Martin to stop the drone attacks on militant leaders. Headley revealed this during the trial. Headley testimony comes after a deal not to face death penalty and extradition to India or Denmark where he is needed for the same charges he is facing in the US.

Report by Geejo Francis