Google’s legal team wants street view map in Bangalore

google-maps-streetHead of public policy and government affairs, Geetanjali Duggal and Venkatesh Hariharan from Google’s legal expert met with a few BJP politicians in Bangalore where the Google Company launched its contended Street View aspect in May this year.

A member of legislative council Ashwath Narayan negotiates on the street view feature but the earlier the proposal had been opposed by the party. Venketesh Hariharan said that the Google just do analytical review and examine the objections and initiate all steps to talk with central government.

As the Arunanchal Pradesh is the disputed territory, the party wants from Google to represent that state as an Indian territory and as a part of India on Google map, other demands from Google. Duggal said that issue will be taking up in consideration but if it is declared as a International accepted practice then the later will prevail.

The party urged to the Google not to represent Street view of any VIP residences because it can be a mapping tool for terrorists.

The party said Google’s legal team to take permit from the Central government for the project and then come back to the State government for the continuance of the Street view project.

Google’s legal team wants street view map in Bangalore

 Report by: – Vibhanshu Vaibhav