NEW DELHI: Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad stirred a controversy when he implied that homosexuality was a disease and Gay sex was unnatural in a HIV SEMINAR. His extraordinary words lead to one of the biggest controversies these days.

He said  today “I am sorry if I have hurt feelings of any section of the society. During my speech I used technical words. I kept myself very clear, didn’t use the word homosexual or gay. The subject was HIV, used man having sex with man in Hindi for contracting HIV. It was interpreted as man having sex with man as a disease. I didn’t use the word gay at all!”

It’s difficult to find them because you don’t know who is doing it and where they are. It is very unnatural and this should not happen, but in our country the numbers are increasing. So I said it a unnatural disease because a man doing a sex with man is not common” he said.

These remarks does not answer why the Health Minister of the world’s largest democracy believe that homosexuality is a disease? That a man having sex with a man is unnatural? It contradicts even his own ministry’s policy to back the decriminalization of gay sex in India.

Already a huge outrage has built up over the Health Minister’s statements because health workers, activists and gay groups feel he reflects a sexual prejudice that makes people with alternate choices doubt his ability to take care of them.

Report by Kushal Kumar