German President Christian Wulff resigned over loan scandal

Christian-WulffAfter the loan scandal story, the President of Germany, Christian Wulff resigned from his position as President. Angela Merkel of Christian Democrat Party had reported her regret on the president’s resignation and cancelled her Italy visit.

Mr Wolf was serving as German President for last two years. German media reports that Mrs. Merkel had accepted the president’s resignation.

Media also reported the regrets of Mrs Merkel as she chooses Christian Wulff as the primary citizen of Germany. There will be post-war in Germany till another person will be place instead of Mr. Wulff.

According to Mrs Merkel, there is possibility for seeking a new candidate as President.

Christian Social Union party member Horst Seehofer will be the acting president of Germany. The scandal of loan came in news reports as Christian Wulff received very low interest 500,000 euro loan from the wife of a rich businessman during October 2008. Mr. Wulff was governor of Lower Saxony state before he was choose by Mrs. Merkel as President candidate.

The report was published in Bid newspaper. Later it was also reported that Mr. Wulff requested Chief Editor of Bid newspaper Kai Diekmann for not publishing the controversial loan story over phone. There after president’s immunity was lifted by the German lower.

Christian Wulff made his opinion to media about his resignation from President post at Berline Bellevue Palace.  As he has decided to resign from his president post, Mr. Wulff can face the controversial loan scandal case investigation.

German President Christian Wulff resigned over loan scandal