US held talks with Gaddafi loyalist

Gaddafi loyalist NATO is seeking towards lasting the four month long conflict between the NATO and Gaddafi’s regime.

American senior diplomats have met with the representatives of Col Muammar Gaddafi’s regarding end of this conflict as many civilians has also lost their lives.

A senior US official said after the meeting that this was not a met on negotiation but was a delivery of message that the only way to stop the war is Gaddafi to step down. Report said that the meeting was held in Tunisia on Saturday, the day after NATO members agreed the rebel Transitional National Council as the Libya legitimate government.

Moussa Ibrahim, a spokesman for the Gaddafi regime, said the meeting was the first step towards peaceful relations between the two countries. He added that we have to look in future leaving the past behind and for that the gap between the two should end. NATO is continuing its attack and destroyed the civilian radar base at Tripoli airport. Officials have confirmed 19 of its troops died in attacks in favour of the Libyan rebels.

The authority said Gaddafi is a cheater, every time he promises for cease fire and continues his shelling and killing of civilians. Thus there comes the need for UN resolution.

US held talks with Gaddafi loyalist

Report by Kushal Kumar