Libya – AU (African Union) condemns French arms drop to rebels

Gaddafi meeting African Union OfficialsJean Ping, chief of African Union Commission, stated that, France’s decision to air-drop weapons to Libyan rebels is dangerous and puts the whole region at risk as according to him the action is capable of creating problems similar to those in war-torn Somalia.

It was spoken by Mr. Ping from the Equatorial Guinea, where African heads of State are to meet on 30th of June 2011, Thursday. France has confirmed it’s dropped arms to Berber tribal fighters in the mountains south-west of the capital, Tripoli.

The move might contravene the U.N Security Council embargo on arms supplies to Libya, as per certain analysts. In the agenda of the Summit, Libya is expected to be high.

Mr. Ping added that, there are several problems attached like the risk of civil war, risk of partition of the country, risk of Somaliasation of the country, risk of having arms everywhere, with the terrorism and these risks will concern the neighbouring countries as well.

Also he stated that, the African Union peace plan for Libya, which is set out in March was still valid. To allow political talks to take place, the roadmap calls for a ceasefire. It was in report by Le Figaro newspaper on Wednesday, 29th of June 2011, the news of France’s delivery of weapon to the rebels emerged.

It was reported in the said newspaper that, France which is a leading force in the NATO operation in Libya did not inform its allies about the move. And the report clearly stated that, the weapons included rocket launchers and anti-tank missiles, although the French officials would only confirm legal arms and ammunition had been dropped to rebel fighters.

Libya – AU (African Union) condemns French arms drop to rebels

Report by Sharika