Food animals: the legality of our own backyard

Australian laws allow the cruelty that is inflicted on food animals every day. There are no Federal laws protecting food animals.  They are not protected by State based animal welfare laws.

In Australia, approximately half a billion animals are raised for food and food production.  The majority of these animals are intensively or factory farmed. They are considered commodities, their sentience ignored.

The life of a factory farmed animal is a grim one. If born into the system, their start to life will be a torturous one. A piglet will have his or her teeth clipped, his or her tail docked, and, if a boy, be castrated. A calf will be dehorned, branded or tagged. A chick will be debeaked or, if a boy, macerated. For the majority, there is no pain relief; our laws do not require it.

In some jurisdictions, compliance with a code acts as a defence to a charge of animal cruelty but although in most of the parts it remains unenforceable.

Australians need to look in their own backyard and see food production for what it really is. The picture is not a pretty one but we have the power to change it. We should be aware of the fact food animals in Australia experience pain and suffering from birth to death, a fate permitted by our laws.

Australians has to look this part and has to change it for whom who cannot speak but can feel.

Report by Kushal Kumar