Legal actions are baseless – Etisalat

no value for lawEtisalat whose Indian joint venture is wrestling or hand to hand combat with a telecommunications licensing scandal, did not say what the proceedings were, but called them – wholly baseless.

Emirates Telecommunication Corporation, or Etisalat, has react to something bad by doing something bad at its India joint venture partner DB Group for filing legal proceedings this week, calling it baseless. Etisalat will decisively defend this action,  the telecom said on Tuesday. India’s DB Group this week dragged etisalat to the Company Law Board stating in a support of claim or denial operational mismanagement and blaming UAE telecom for delay in rolling out the telecom business in India.

Although the running situation of Etisalat DB is in proper way but the pessimistic move and diplomatic move by parties with major corruption offences to shift their attention way. Etisalat owns some 44.73 % of Etisalat DB, while Majestic, aa company controlled by Managing Director Shahid Balwa and Vinod Goenka, owns 45.73 % of Etisalat DB. Shahid and Vinod both were charged with India’s federal police over their alleged involvement in the telecom licensing scandal.

The case will next come up for hearing on July 14.

Legal Actions are Baseless – Etisalat

Report by: – Vibhanshu Vaibhav