Deposition Summary Services

“`How you present` matters more than` what you present`”
Adv. Jolly John

Generally, the fate of a case before the court mainly depends upon the evidences in support of it. The evidences can be documentary or oral testimony. Based on the time of submission, oral testimony can again be classified into two i.e, testimony made during the trail and before the trail. Legally speaking, the testimonies made before the trail are known as depositions and the person making the deposition is called the deponent.

Why to summarize deposition?

As we all know, today, numerous numbers of cases are being filed each day. As a result, the number of cases pending before the court has become manifold and the courts are already burdened with huge bundle of cases. Usually, during the time of deposition the witnesses use to elicit everything they know which may be important as well as unimportant and this makes the depositions lengthy. Normally, depositions run along hundreds of pages and the courts which are already burdened with huge bundle of cases. Here comes the importance of summarizing the depositions and submitting only the relevant matters before the court.

How to summarize the deposition?

Even though summarizing deposition is a paralegal job, while summarizing the deposition, a lawyer must be consulted in order to understand the relevant facts material to the case. Only the important facts must be included in the summarized deposition. Generally, in a summarized deposition the questions as to why, what, how and relevant to the facts is answered. While summarizing:-

  • Read the deposition carefully without leaving any point
  • Mark the important facts
  • Overlook the irrelevant matters
  • Consolidate and condense the important facts into a summarized transcript

Who can summarize the deposition?

As the summarization of the deposition involves revision and scrutiny of the transcripts, a person with good command over English language and legal expertise would be able to summarize deposition. Here comes the relevance of the role played by BIZ & LEGIS in aiding the clients who need quick and accurate deposition summary. The efficient and committed members is at your service to provide you with an effective and impressive deposition summary. We provide deposition summary services and all other ligation support services to our clients. Call 9847182002 for a query related to deposition summary services