High Court issues notice to centre regarding over crowding in Tihar

Tihar jail crowdingDelhi HC had issued a notice to the centre and the city governments upon a PIL seeking a policy to reduce the number of inmates who are under trials for petty offenses. The PIL said the most percentage of inmates are under trials and this has lead to the over crowding of the high security prison. The petition was filed asking for a policy framework upon such issues like releasing of prisoner who are imprisoned for offenses such as cheating and forgery on bail. The petition also said that the constitutional rights of these under trials are being violated and is an injustice to such persons being imprisoned based on administration of laws and rules. The court also sent a notice to the Director General of the Jail to file a response addressing the issue. The case becomes more interesting as the lawyer who filed the petition Vijay Aggarwal also represents some of the accused from the recent 2G scam who are also imprisoned in Tihar Jail. Many question are raised bringing up the case at this juncture than before when over crowding was always a problem.

Report by Geejo Francis