Jameson Timba, Zimbabwe Minister ordered freed by Court

Jameson Timba, Zimbabwe Minister ordered freed by Court

Zimbabwe flagA Zimbabwe court has ordered the release of a government minister who reportedly called President Robert Mugabe a liar. James Timba, is an ally of Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, was arrested on Friday.

Under the Zimbabwean law it is a criminal offence to insult the President. Mr. Timba had been quoted by a local newspaper headline stating “President Robert Mugabe a liar”. He also contradicted Mr. Mugabe’s claim that regional leaders had withdrawn a derogatory report on the show pace of reforms and renewed political violence in Zimbabwe.

Robert Mugabe with national flag Mr. Timba was released on Sunday during a special hearing of the Hazare High Court. Judge Joseph Musakwa, stated that there was a violation of his rights as he was not informed of what ground he had been arrested by the Police.

Mr. Timba’s lawyers said that he had been denied food and access to his legal term in jail.



Report by Alka