The Madhya Pradesh government of Friday suspended all the police personnel of  Berasia police station after a local court ordered that a case of attempt to murder be registered against them.

This followed claims by an accused in a kidnap and rape case that the police helped the victim’s brother to attack him inside the police lock-up. The victim told the court he was assaulted with a serious weapon and his stomach has been slashed with the intent of killing him.

punishmentOn May 3rd, the police had received a complaint from the family of a girl, who said she had been kidnapped by Bhura and confined in to his house where he raped her for more than a fortnight. The police arrested Bhura after 2 days. As he was being taken into custody, the girl’s brother attacked him and he was arrested as well. Both were put in the same lock-up. Later that night, girl’s brother attacked him and Bhura added that he was arrested by the police and kept in the same lock-up room with him. And also claimed that,the police allowed the girl’s brother to keep deadly weapon with him.

However the police claimed Bhura had picked up an old blade from the bathroom and brought it back to the cell to slash his stomach. He then used both his hands to aggravate the injury. And in further he was rushed to the hospital following his bodily injuries.

The case was put forward by the family of Bhura who refused to believe that he could inflict such a deep injury by himself.

Judge DC Dubey ordered that cases be registered under the policemen under various sections of the IPC for attempt to murder, criminal conspiracy and false evidence. The Government has transferred the inspector in charge of the police station and suspended a sub-inspector, a hawaldar and five constables. A departmental inquiry has been ordered and DIG Bhopal K K Lohani has been asked to submit a report within four days.

Report by Alka